You will find this to be a great utility for converting CFM web pages into ASP. You will save many hours over converting by hand. CFM2ASP converts the most commonly used CFM tags, variable references, and function syntax into ASP (VBscript). The full featured code editor has all of the favorite programming features such as auto-indent, line numbers, and syntax coloring. Another major feature is the Regular Expression Search and Replace. This function gives you great power over the code being able to match complex criteria and replace with regular expression references. CFM2ASP also has an extensive CodeHelp system to remind you what Code is used for. The help system will walk you through the features of the program in a very simple way. This program is so easy to use almost anyone could convert CFM to ASP even if they didn't know either language. It is obviously recommended to people who have experience in programming and there will be times when the program doesn't convert everything but we're sure you'll find the amount of time saved by using CFM2ASP will make it much worth your while.