tssBalloonTip 2.0? is the balloon style tooltip ActiveX component that makes it easy to give your applications a more modern, polished look. Adding tssBalloonTip to your projects is very easy, and requires only a few lines of code. In just minutes, you can convert your ordinary looking tool tips into visually pleasing 'bubble' like windows. The fonts, colors, and sizes can all be customized, and you can even create tooltips that are partially transparent. Full support for Unicode text is provided, even on Windows 98 and ME. The component will accept UTF8 and UTF16 encoded text and will automatically convert as necessary. This allows you to display Japanese, Arabic, and other international characters directly in your tooltips. Right to left reading support is also provided. You can even display symbols in your tooltips when using an appropriate font. This is great for when you need to display a special design, or even for displaying your logo. tssBalloonTip is the most customizable tooltip control available. Some of tssBalloonTip's Features: * Multi-line Tooltip Text * Modern Balloon Style Appearance * Customizable Fonts and Colors * Choose from Several Icons * Unicode Support on all Windows platforms * Right to Left reading for Arabic, Hebrew, etc... * Font Support for Symbols, Logos, etc... * Partial Transparency * Configurable Timing * Lightweight (Only 50kb)