Protect Your Children Get perfect control of websites your children browse, software they use, and folders they access. Regulate the time when they can use your computer and connect to the Internet. Hide content on your computer that you don't want them to see. Guard Your Computer Prevent your children and other users of your computer from installing unwanted and potentially harmful software and uninstalling applications that you need to use. Stop unauthorized access to your important files and incompetent changes to your system and security settings. Block Websites with Dangerous Content Have control over the content that comes into your home or office by customizing the content you want to filter and individualizing the content accessible to every single user. Prevent your children from accessing porn sites and using your credit card for unauthorized online shopping. Schedule Time Spent on Your Computer Time spent surfing the Internet and playing computer games passes quickly. Determine how much time your kids can spend on the computer, both online and offline, by creating pre-set periods and time limits that users can access your computer and get connected to the Internet. Get Detailed Reports Monitor the online and offline use of your computer wherever you are. User activity reports are stored on your computer and can be sent to your email address so you can access the record from any web browser at any time. Easy to Use Software Crawler Parental Control software is very intuitive and easy to use. If you still have questions after trying it out, you'll find answers in our detailed Help section. Our support team is also available seven days a week.