Easy Installation Installation is simple and fast. There's only 1 file to edit and set permissions to! Detailed instructions are included and all settings are understandable. Customizable Header & Footer Whois Script can be integrated to look exactly like your current website. All you have to do is tell it where your header and footer files are and it does the rest! Use HTML, CSS, Flash, anything! Checks Multiple Extensions Whois Script checks the most popular extensions all at once! If you don't want a certain extension, just turn it off in the script's settings. Whois Script checks: all exstension are checked automatic Quick Results Even though Whois Script checks multiple domain name extensions at once, it is extremely fast. Results are displayed in just a few seconds! Helpful Links Whois Script gives you much more than just domain name availability. It gives you direct links to sites that will give you even more information about the domain name! All results include the following helpful links: View Whois Current register of the domain name. View Website Opens a new window to the current website. Traffic Report Estimated traffic per day courtesy of Stat Brain. Alexa Current Alexa ranking. Archive Website archive courtesy of the Internet Archives. Netcraft Server & technical information courtesy of Net Craft. Competition Related websites courtesy of Alexa. Totally Customizable The Pro version of Whois Script is 100% customizable and includes the full source code!