FontReview is an exciting new font viewing tool for Windows 9x/Me/NT4/2000. FontReview hooks into the Windows Explorer interface and lets you quickly and easily view both installed and uninstalled TrueType fonts. With FontReview installed, simply double click a TrueType file to see exactly what the font looks like. FontReview integrates smoothly with the Windows Explorer. (see picture, left) Right clicking on the TrueType file displays a menu with options to view, print or install the font. FontReview can print three professional looking sample sheets and a character set chart for any TrueType font. FontReview also distinguishes between TrueType and OpenType fonts. If an OpenType font is detected, it is displayed with the signature O icon. This O icon is also used by Windows 2000 to designate OpenType fonts. Other Features -Integrates into Windows interface as a replacement for the Windows fontview.exe tool -Windows shell interface lets you preview, print and install fonts from context menu -Other font files can be opened using drag and drop from Windows Exploer -Displays common characters and editable sample text from fonts -User can change point size of sample text -TrueType and OpenType fonts are distinguished by unique icons -Displays all 256 characters of ANSI set in a grid -Displays list of all kerning pairs defined in font files -Can print three professional font sample sheets -Can print chart showing all 255 characters of the ANSI set -Print outs can be customized with user defined text -Options allow user to change font sample colors -Character set grid size can be customized -Shell integration can be customized to work in conjuction with Windows fontview.exe -FontReview is a small and lightweight utility -Includes easy setup and uninstall programs -Complete on-line help