DeltaCrypt FIPS Encryption Protection (RSA keys, AES Rijndael algorithm) to secure sensitive files and folders on computer hard drives, laptops, network servers, emails, USB sticks and drives, CD-ROMs and DVDs. DeltaCrypt provides computer file and folder protection, mobile device protection, end-point security as well as offers development and consulting services. DeltaCrypt computer file and folder protection secures data-at-rest and file exchanges. Any file format can be encrypted and signed with a digital signature. Automatic encryption functions and secure file shredding are also available. Comply with laws and regulations by securing your data and your clients' data. DeltaCrypt USB mobile data encryption protection is a driverless solution that works with limited privileges. It encrypts/decrypts outside the network without restriction. DeltaCrypt USB is a hardware independent protection. DeltaCrypt mobile protection secures USB flash drives, USB hard disk drives, memory cards, CD-ROMs and DVDs. It is Active Directory configurable. DeltaCrypt End-Point Security controls and ensures that only authorized mobile devices and drives are being used on your network. Shadow copy and backup copy functions are available. Complete audit and monitoring with log recording increases environmental awareness. Data leakage protection is also included. DeltaCrypt End-Point Solution prevents illegal intrusions as well as the embarrassment and financial harm a security breach may cause. Avoid unnecessary negative publicity of such a harmful event brings. With DeltaCrypt encryption protection, your organization is ensured that its sensitive data is protected at all time.