Reclip is a popup visual clipboard assistant for Windows that organizes all text, rich text, and images that are copied to the clipboard. Up to 200 clipboard history items can be displayed, recopied, edited, printed, or deleted at the click of a button. This is a fully functional shareware program with no timed lockouts. FEATURES: - Organizes and displays text, rich text, and many image formats. - Keeps from 1 to 200 clipboard history items. - Text and rich text history items can be modified. - Images can be displayed as stretched to fit (thumbnail) or actual size. - Optional automatic conversion of URLs that open the default web browser when clicked. - Clip items can be opened and printed using default application. - May be hidden when minimized as a system tray icon for less taskbar clutter. - Runs automatically at Windows startup. - Optional saving of history items on exit, for restoring the next time program is started. - Displays date and time that history item was originally copied to the clipboard. - Clip items may be deleted individually, or all at once. - Suspend/Resume clipboard monitoring by clicking the toolbar or system tray icon. - Installs cleanly, only 2 files are copied to your system (1 program file and 1 help file). - Uninstalls completely, removes all associated INI files and registry entries. - Online help. - Free upgrades for registered users.