Strong encryption is the only way to protect important data, and it is what Kryptel does. This full-features encryption software suite includes a rich set of tools - from simple drag-and-drop file encryption to complex batch encryption processor. To protect user data reliably, Kryptel uses the latest Advanced Encryption Standard as well as several other reputable ciphers. Inclusion of integrated shredder for secure deletion of sensitive data makes the suite complete and fitting the most demanding security needs. Kryptel has been designed to be as robust as possible and resistant to hardware failures. Even if the computer crashes in the middle of encryption step, no data will be lost. To make encryption even more reliable, Kryptel performs a verification step after every operation to guarantee that the just created encrypted container can be successfully decrypted. Kryptel Encryption Suite is well suited for both home and corporate use and can satisfy the most strict security requirements. Free unlimited 30-day trial version is available for evaluation from the Kryptel Web site