KbStart provides lightning fast keyboard access to numerous resources by just by entering short abbreviations. These resources include the Windows Start Menu, Outlook Address Book, Web Favorites, Control Panels, and others. The abbreviations can match any character in the items name. For example you can type OEX to launch Outlook Express. KbStart uses a very powerful, adaptive abbreviation search algorithm that allows you to enter any imaginable abbreviation of the searched item. HIGHLIGHTS o Accessing numerous resources by entering short abbreviations o Quick activation using a system wide hotkey o Ultra fast, adaptive search algorithm: Learns from the user's habits o Easy installation: Automated setup management and an extensive default setup allows KbStart use "out of the box" PRICING The free, built in, evaluation license is sufficient for occasional use. It allows you to access a maximum of 7 different items per session. Those items can be accessed as often as you like, and even if you exceed the session limit you may still open 10 further items. The KbStart License is available for USD $12.95 per seat..