Imagic Inventory Software-Software For Managing Inventory (Stocks) In A Business. Having too many stocks around? Having an unorganized messed up inventory? Looking for a way to manage it? Then, iMagic inventory software is ideal for you! iMagic inventory software will offer you the solution to create a cost effective and flexible method to control your inventory, taking the worry off your mind. With one click iMagic inventory provides you quick access to your inventory and customer details and it could create invoices for you in a snap. This software is all about being efficient and organized, saving your valuable time in the easiest stress free way. iMagic Inventory software will help you to: * Create invoices quickly * Automatically create a client database * Manage stock balances and re-orders * Support barcode readers It has an interactive support system; which makes this one of the best and complete inventory management software. This software system is available for windows and if a need arises, it is capable of changing into a bigger inventory management system with time; still this software could be used with Microsoft's SQL Server, which can support 524,272 Terabytes, which saves a lot of data. The inventory software includes a number of templates such as inventory templates which you could use to add your own custom-designed invoice templates, using MS Word. Features like being able to add your own logo and contact details make this software more personalized and user friendly. Your inventory items could be tracked easily as this software records specific detail about items. The barcode support provided by this software saves your time and is so easy to use that you will not even need a manual to catch up. The inventory you hold could also be seen through this software while you go on managing it.