<p>The product is designed to make calculating easy and faster for any user or company looking for a <b>Customized Calculating Solution</b>. It's serviceable to any User, from any field, which needs to make calculation in routine work. It drastically reduces the calculating hassles and time of users who are in field away from the office e.g. engineers, marketing executives, Insurance agents etc. Thereby increasing efficiency and reducing cost to the company.</p><br><p>With <b>CALCGEN </b>you can create your own calculators and use them as many times you want. Just by following few steps (<b>CalcGen Wizard</b>) you can create calculators, which are stored in the program database, retrievable any time and ready to accept inputs and displays the outputs in a very user-friendly interface.</p><br><p>This program comes with a <b>Unit Conversion Utility </b>having a superlative collection of Units covering almost all commonly used units.</p><br><p>Keeping in mind the requirement of localization the Unit Conversion Utility is strongly integrated with the Calculators to make them more scalable and increase functionality. For example the currency standards followed in most parts of USA compared to that of EU. </P><br><b>Features:-<br> <ol><li><font color=red>NEW</font> - You can now save the complete calculation and use for reference later.</li><br><li><font color=red>NEW</font> - Pre-Defined groups(for engineering & financial calculators) with sample calculators.</li><br><li>Creation of customized calculator interface. Few easy steps to make a calculator and use any number of times. Option to categorize calculators and hide unwanted calculators. </li><br><li> More then 12 assembled groups containing more then 250 calculators for the engineering industry. </li><br><li>Customized engineering calculator packages for all platforms.</li><br><li>Unit Conversion utility and more..