eyebol is a Delphi project analyser that Provides over 50 new hints and warnings including optimizations, unfreed objects, invalid statements and incorrect coding and forms. Extensive list. Spell checks forms (labels, hints, column headings,etc) and code (Showmessage, MessageDlg,etc.) in one of 10 languages Limited support for .Net. All New Hints and Warnings for HTML, Javascript and ASP. Spell Check HTML, Javascript and ASP components. Can work as a HTML/Javascript validator and optimizer Powerful expression search options (such as integer:=0). Integrates into Delphi 5 through to Delphi 2007 Naming suggestions for components with only default naming Many hints, warnings and naming suggestions can be applied to your project automatically Comment Builder Wizard can add custom header comments to the start of your source files Spell check Delphi/C++ Builder built executables Basic statistics and scan report option 30 day trial available with manual, help file and sample project