How many of the users your stats package count are REAL PEOPLE? Robots and crawlers have exploded. Can you seperate bthem from actual visitors to get a true picture? DO you know which KEYWORDs actually produce sales? (These are the ones you should concentrate on). Can you report on WORDS and PHRASES from within keywords to guide your search engine optimisation? DO you know which PAGEs users find and then leave immediately? (You need to change them to give the user what he wants) DO you know which pages are SUCCESSFUL? When DO users find your site and then stay to PURCHASE? (These are the type of pages you need to produce in furture) This info is available in the web logs from your site. If you aren't getting the info you need Web Log Analyser by Keyword. Web Log Analyser by Keyword. is a specialist log analyzer. It looks at referrals from search engines in much more detail than general web log analyzers. Includes reports by Search Term, Start Page and specific Search Term + Start Page combinations. Advanced robot - crawler filtering. Define your own filters. For any Keyword see a graph of the number of finds plotted against time. For each line on any report see a breakdown of the pages to which user surfed. Define groups of keywords and view all statistics for the group as a whole