Handy Databank* is feature rich and easy-to-use database for Sony Ericsson P800 / P900 / P910. It allows you to capture, store, manage and retrieve information about similar items. For example, you can store stocks and shares data, price lists, films, train timetables, recipes, and others. Handy Databank supports the following field types: - Text (unlimited length) - Numbers - Floating point numbers - Date - Yes/No. Handy Databank application has two fully customizable views of table contents: Card View (displays each entry as a separate record) and List View (displays entries as a table). You can easily switch between them by pressing ''Switch view'' on the Toolbar. You can sort database entries by any labels in ascending or descending order. You can find entries in all database fields or on particular labels. You can use wildcard search (type "?" for a single unknown character or "*" for any number of unknown characters). Features of Handy Databank application: Card View / List View List View: click on column name to sort by this label Sorting entries in ascending or descending order Sorting by several labels Finding in a whole database or in selected fields only Wildcard search Search history: 10 last words Changing the label/column order Setting whether the label/column is visible Card view: adjust the height of the card List view: adjust the width of the columns Dialing phone numbers directly from Handy Databank Setting maximum and minimum limits for numbers fields Managing database files: copy, rename, move, and delete them Importing/exporting CSV and text files on the phone Handy Databank Converter Handy Databank Converter is desktop software that allows you to convert common PC database files to Handy Databank for Sony Ericsson P800 / P900 / P910 databases and visa versa.