Mutual fund record keeping system for home use. Please read the "README FILES". The normal procedure for using this system would be to enter X number of items through the "mutfdent" program. Then run "mutfdsrt" to sort the items. Then run "mutfdscr" to look at what you have done on the screen. Errors can be fixed using the "mutfdmat" or the "mutualfx" programs. Personally I use "mutfdmat" to fix my errors. Look for the bad record on the "mutfdscr" program and write down the Fund Name and date. This data can be used to redo the record with "mutfdmat" by entering the fund name and date. The printer program "mutfdprt" works on a HP all-in-one printer. You might have a different resolution and it might have to be changed. Follow the instructions on the screen for entering data, especially leading zeros. These are the programs included in this system: mutfdeny - enter data to the system mutfdmat - maintenance mutfdscr - scrolls fund items on the screen mutfdsrt - sort the fund items mutualfx - fixes bad records mutfdprt - prints a list of the funds. Funds are sorted by fund name then yymmdd. The day, month, century/year are NOT checked for a valid day/month/year. To uninstall these programs just delete the folder that contains them. They do NOT affect any other programs. The file that contains the data that you generate is called "stock.dat". Care should be taken to preserve this file. These programs should be put in a folder of your choosing. A good choice would be "mutualfd". Stocks could also be entered in this system although it was not specifically designed for stocks.