This program will print Rubber Bridge Tallies from 3 to 8 rounds and 2 to 23 tables. You will never play the same player more than once. The program was tested on a HP all-in-one printer. The tallies should fill up an 8 by 11 1/2 sheet of paper. If your printer has a higher resolution try lowering the resolution to make the printing larger. The "readme" file has more details that might help you with printing problems. This program is intended for computers using Win 7 32-bit, Vista, Win XP and Win 98. This program will NOT affect any other program and may be deleted without harming anything else. Upon payment, a production version of the program will be emailed to you. Due to problems with ".exe" in emails it will be sent as "tallyprt.jps" which you can rename to tallyprt.exe. Enjoy