Store information about Software packages, Website logons, and other Passwords in a secure encrypted Database. Password protect the database and remember one password instead of several. Never lose a Registration key or upgrade information again. Switch quickly between Software Package information, Website information, and other Password Information. Backup and Restore of Databases. Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server. Run from a flash drive, selectable database location including network shares, external drives, flash drives. Software Packages: * Store Registration Name, Registration Company, License Code, and Registration Key * The computer the software package is installed on. * Cost of software package * Store Member Area user id and password for Updates * Store actual email including attachments * Drag and Drop from Outlook or Outlook Express with new drag and drop poup windows * Categorize your Software packages * Drag and Drop into any Field * Quickly Search or Filter by Categories, Dates of Purchases * Easily pull Version Information from executables * Remembers Company Names and urls to save Typing * If software is already installed select it from a list (Automatic lookup as typing) * Drag and drop from the Registration Information dialog to any Website or application edit box including License information, Registration Name, Company, and Key. * Drag and drop registration Key as a whole key or grouped for individual entry boxes. * Click on software company's url and jump to the company's website in your default browser. * Seperate URL for Member area for easy download access Website Information: * Website URL * Website User ID * Website Password * Category * Drag and Drop from Password Infomation dialog to website or application Password Information: * Description of Password * User ID * Password * Drag and Drop from Password Infomation dialog to website or application