Starfield simulation screensaver. The most realistic and most impressive! Fly through the far galaxies with this simulation screensaver. It has settings to simulate up to 30,000 stars, rotate and roam the camera, nonlinear flight route. New in this version are fabulous interstellar gas clouds. Screensaver supports multimonitor systems. You can simulate different flights on all your displays (and TVs :). You will be able to configure it many ways to provide you many hours of enjoyment - it has a lot of adjustments! In addition, we included an availability of background sound playback. Play your own audio file, or use our track with famous sound from sci-fi movies. FEATURES * Adjustable flight speed and rotation * Huge amount of stars: up to 30,000 * Interstellar gas clouds simulation * Smooth stars and clouds * Non-linear flight route * Sound playback during operation * Adjustable animation smoothness (10-200 frames per second) * Selectable screen resolution and color depth * Multi-monitor support with independent simulation mode available * Easy translation to other languages * 30-day unconditional moneyback guaranteed