Features at a Glance ?Fully Web and Notes Client enabled ?End User Self Help Interface ?Custom Personal Settings Analyst and Manager Home Page ?Discussion Board for informal exchange of ideas and solutions ?Pre-Approved Knowledge Base for both End Users and Analyst/Managers ?Bi-directional Correspondence Communication between User and Analyst ?Fully documented Audit Trails on all forms ?Auto Assignment Rules based on Ticket Category and Location ?Multi-level Category creation with view filtering based on location ?Auto-Task Assignment of Task Set Templates ?Ad Hoc Reporting to create virtually any report ?Export any view, chart - report to Excel for increased portability ?Distribute news, updates via bulletins company wide or departmentally ?Automatically gather your networks hardware and software information ?Dynamically pull information from Active Directory ?Configure auto-notification/progress updates to End Users ?Auto-Escalate based on a wide variety of business rules ?Send out warning notifications that a Ticket is endanger of being Escalated ?Set up Service Level Agreements for VIP(s) ?Associate similar tickets for quicker resolution ?Specify x and y-axis parameters for robust Excel Chart Reporting ?Enter Ticket and Asset Work History ?Set automatic email reminders for special tickets ?Put a ticket ?On-hold? while waiting for information ?All VI Service Desk emails can be replied to and sent back to point of origination ?Make the VI Service Desk a Mail-in database and assignment criteria when auto-creating tickets ?Allow users to create tickets from their Notes Mail ?Store all IT related documentation within the Knowledge Library ?Send Custom Surveys to groups of your choice ?Track Software Licensing and see when you need to re-order ?Create custom Approval Workflows for special change requests ?Create external Service Level Agreements for Vendors ?Generate reports based on Ticket Priority against pre-set benchmarks