The fast, easy solution to automate the tracking and managing of your IT assets and end users? help requests. Ideal for IT departments tracking and managing hundreds of workstations in a LAN environment.. Hardware Tracker is a complete software solution out-of-the-box, letting you understand and account for technician time spent, providing clear knowledge of IT assets for complete control and increasing end user satisfaction and productivity by empowering users to be self-sufficient. It?s rightly said that Human Capital forms the core of any organization. But as human capital is important so is the Hardware and Software Capital invested by you in your company. Every company has a HR Department to keep entire records of the Human Capital in the company. Similarly, every company should have entire records of its Hardware and Software assets. You should be able to keep a track your entire investment, with regular updates on network inventory management. In a small company, let?s say for example with 10 computers, every things can be counted on the ten fingers we have but as the size of company grows or in a large company, the process should be automated. Keeping a track of all your assets would become a cumbersome process and negligence can lead to loss. Losses in terms of functionality and in terms of missing equipment are the most common ones. Features of Hardware and Software Tracker 1) Auto Addition & Hardware Inventory 2) DHCP support: 3) Machine Master & Auto Search 4) View Hardware Devices 5) Reports 6) WAN Tracking Sample Functionality of Hardware & Software Tracker - Network Adapter Information - Bios Information - Drive (Hard-Disk,Floppy..) - Domain Information - Keyboard Information - Memory Information - MotherBoard Information - Mouse Information - Ports Information - Printer Information - Processor Information - Slot Information - Video Information - USB Controller Information - Windows Information - All Software Info