If you are wondering how to manage your lead database more effectively, AddressGrabber? Business is the answer. AddressGrabber? Business is an advanced data entry software that helps you import contact details from any selected text into your database in just One Click! AddressGrabber captures names and addresses from email signatures, web sites, online directories, documents, etc. To enter a contact, follow these two simple steps: 1) Select Contact - Highlight contact, as though you were going to copy it. 2) Click Icon - Click on the application Icon where you want to transfer, on the AddressGrabber tool Bar. AddressGrabber intelligently extracts all contact details and enters them accurately into your database. AddressGrabber Saves Time - With AddressGrabber you can save 80% data entry time, by eliminating the need to cut and paste contact information field by field. One click, enters all fields of the contact into your database in less than 10 seconds. AddressGrabber Eliminates Typos - Anytime manual data-entry is involved, typing mistakes are bound to occur. AddressGrabber enables not only fast, but also very accurate data entry. It eliminates typos, character reversals etc. AddressGrabber Flags Duplicates - AddressGrabber alerts when a duplicate record is being entered into a database. You can add it as a new record, update the record or skip transfer. AddressGrabber? Business is a complete data capture solution for small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs and home based business professionals. This little utility takes care of your contact entry, order entry, shipping entry and online postage applications. This package includes an easy-to-use form filler, which will help you quickly fill up online forms. AddressGrabber Business seamlessly integrates with ACT!, Outlook, Excel, GoldMine, Palm, QuickBooks, FedEx, UPS and many more.