If you want to submit form data to an email account then you may have what you're looking for. This sophisticated Perl script can perform all the basic requirements of a form mail program. It is secure. If configured correctly, it cannot be usefully hijacked by spammers; It is powerful and flexible. Most configuration parameters can be specified by file as well as by url; It includes a comprehensive diagnostic mode to simplify installation and testing; The format of the result page can be adjusted using a css file; Copies can be sent to any number of additional recipients - no additional email forwarding is required; Ticket numbers can be generated automatically and placed in the subject line; In addition to the main perl program, a javascript program is included that can be used to verify several types of data field; It does not require the Unix sendmail program. Unless you need to validate form data without using javascript or send HTML data or attachments, this program will probably do everything you need.