Chat software by Famatech Radmin Communication Server is a secure tool for corporate messaging. It is used as an intranet messenger, ICQ or Skype alternative or VoIP analog. Multiple-user and private voice chat are options, which enable organized remote meetings and conferences. Connected to a server, users automatically join the General channel and can start communicating on that channel. From the General channel, they can create multiple public and private channels, which may be freely entered or protected with a password. The text Chat option allows multiple users to exchange secure text messages in real time. It has an option to create protected private chats for two users only. Voice Chat options include private or multi-user, real-time voice chat conversations, short text message sending, conference mode with microphone queue. Voice quality customization can be used to save bandwidth and traffic. Radmin Communication Server consists of a Server module and a Client module. One Standard Server license permits the use of Radmin CS with up to 50 connections in both Voice Chat and Text Chat modes on one server computer. The Client module can be installed separately from the Server module. The Client module is free of charge. An Additional Server license that permits another 50 connections is available. Radmin CS does not use external servers for communication sessions, which is why no data can be intercepted. Even so, all data are encrypted by AES with a 256-bit key size. Radmin Communication Server supports Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 user level security, so connections can be limited to specific users or user groups. For user authentication and session key setups, a modified Diffie-Hellman exchange with a 2048-bit key size is used.