Now you can easily keep track of your DVD collection. By keeping your dvds cataloged, you know what movies you have the next time you're looking for something to watch. In addition, if you loan out your dvds to friends or family, this program will keep track of that. Features Version 2 allows an unlimited number of reports that can be customized to have the fields you want There is an easy option to filter the records so that only those that you want to look at show on the screen or report. Keep Track of who has what DVD and how long they kept it. 32 fields available for each DVD. But only the DVD field is required. If you want to use the loan feature, you also need to use the ID field. Export in XML format for use with other programs like Microsoft Excel Import Version 1 data from the Help Menu Registered users can upgrade for free 30 day Trial Requirements: Windows 98 or Later and Net Framework. PDF Viewer for Reports