Automatically converts DV tapes to a professioal-looking DVD with DV date-time stamp, menus, chapters, transitions. The program does automatically all that you always do manually. If you want to capture your DV footage, make a professional-looking movie, burn your movie to a professional-looking DVD with menus and display the DV date-time stamp, you must love Exsate VideoExpress that will do all the jobs automatically. Key features: 1. DV capture: - automatically captures a given interval (4 modes); - DV date-time stamp detection; - capture to a single or multiple files. 2. Automatically makes your movie professional-looking: - displays the DV date-time stamps; - optically recognizes clips and inserts the best suitable transition; - automatically corrects corrupted data; - automatically adds intro and final clips to the captured footage; - allows automatically resize all the clips to fit a total maximum given duration; 3. Export: - professional-looking DVD with menus; - automatically finds the best position and inserts DVD chapters; - supports all general formats: MPEG1, MPEG2, DivX, AVI, ASF, WMV. 4. Works in background to let you run other programs. 5. Shutdown the PC after finished. 6. Easy to use user interface in a wizard mode. 7. Full customization of automatic tasks.