Provides file system changes email notification service. It can send you a mail on either an event or no event, filtering by file system object types (file or folder), masks (regular expression-based) and filters, which can remove events are not required. It can help you when: - you own a public ftp service, and want to be notified when someone uploads new file(s); - you set a procedure of regular file load (i.e. new antiviral package) and want to know if the package has not been delivered; - you want to be informed about every change in either local or remote file system, but do not want or is unable to use built-in audit feature; -you have a logging system and want to know if nothing has been written for a given period of time; - any situation when you want to know about file system changes. Key Features: runs as Windows NT Service - no interaction with desktop required both remote and local file system may be monitored unlimited number of monitored folders monitoring schedule notification on either an event or no event subfolders may be monitored too inclusion and exclusion masks (regular expressions) data on item type (file or folder) and size (added in version 1.3) preprocessing filters to supress unwanted notifications (added in version 1.1) email formats supported are Plain Text and HTML (added in version 1.1) notifications may be logged in plain-text files (added in version 1.1) SMTP authentication for outgoing email configuration may be exported to and imported from a text file SQL logging is available on request.