Automatic Image Downloader is the ultimate tool that allows you to download ALL wallpapers/images from any website with just one click. Don't worry: the program will filter dull (low resolution images) for you. It integrates in BioniX Background Switcher so you can immediately display downloaded images as desktop wallpapers. Features Download all images at once View images as they are downloaded Filter out low resolution images Set downloaded images as desktop wallpaper No crapware (Java, DotNet, DLLs, etc) required No installer required How to download all images/desktop wallpapers from a web page? Start BioniX Automatic Image Downloader located in BioniX folder. Enter the web page URL where wallpapers are located. Choose the folder where to download the images. Press Start and let the program finish. The time required depends on your Internet connection speed and on the server's speed. You can choose to download only the images in the webpage you entered or the images on the whole website. It is recommended to activate the 'Save in subfolders' to prevent multiple images with the same name to overwrite each other. Example: Download at batch over 2500 images from this web page right now. If you know a good source of high quality wallpapers please let us know and we will add them here. Your feedback is highly appreciated.