Manyprog PC Cleaner - easy and fast program to optimize your computer. This powerful multi-tool will help you clean hard drive of unnecessary files that clog your PC and slow down its work. The program includes three applications. The first utility searches for temporary files in the applications installed on your PC. The program cleans the browser cache, deletes cookies, history of visits, as well as cleans the Temp folder and the folder that stores temporary files of applications installed on your computer. You'll be surprised how much free space will appear on the PC's hard drive after you clean it out of this garbage. The second tool will help you remove duplicate files from your PC hard disk. Duplicate files much clutter your hard drive, and this adversely affects the overall performance of the entire computer. Manyprog PC Cleaner quickly find all duplicates in your location, and then remove the ones that you have marked for deletion. It is recommended that this procedure regularly to maintain the performance of your PC. The third utility will help you make an analysis of the hard drive of your computer. Manyprog PC Cleaner will show you all of the folders that are on your computer, they will indicate the size of files that are there. Using this tool, you can visually identify which folders and files take up the most space on your PC. This program can be useful to you if you want to free up space on your hard drive by removing the largest files or move them to other media.