Take it easy this New Years Eve with Easy Sudoku! New Years Sudoku has hundreds of Easy Sudoku boards to inject all the fun you'll need this New Year! New Years Easy Sudoku is a great game for beginners, as there are usually multiple answers to be discovered on the sudoku board at all times! New Year Sudoku Easy can also be a great game for seasoned New Years Sudoku players, as it offers a quick and fun sudoku game to play all day long! Play New Years Sudoku like you would play a normal game of sudoku, just with a little more flair! Place the numbers one through nine into each row, column, and 3x3 box only once! Select an open spot in the New Years Sudoku board and click either at hat from the sides or type a number on your keyboard. New Years Sudoku does not accept wrong answers, so be sure about your sudoku answer when selecting it, or extra time will be added to your overall progress. Have fun and have a wonderful sudoku style New Year!