Whoa! This freecell card game is really difficult! With a win rate of only 19 percent you will likely have to play this freecell game a few times before you are victorious! But do not dispair, 123 Freecell will be here every single day, always free for you to find your way to a freecell victory! One Freecell is one of the most difficult freecell games on this site. You only have on free cell to move cards in and out of during the game play. Usually you will have four in Classic Freecell. Play the game though, like you always do, by trying to place all the cards into the upper foundations by suit from Ace through King. You may create stacks within the tableau by building downwards from King to Ace, alternating color. Having only one free cell open at all times will make this much harder, so be sure to choose your freecell moves wisely!