It has been a long winter trek on your snowshoes and you have finally reached Expert Winter Sudoku! Come on in, shake out your boots, and warm your mind with the strategic glow of this expert level sudoku puzzle! Expert sudoku players will love this very lengthy and advanced strategic online sudoku game. Because of the advance strategic elements in this expert sudoku game you will want to take notes while playing. To take notes at simply click on the pencil at the bottom left corner of the sudoku board and you will enable sudoku note taking. Though the challenge is stepped up with Expert Winter Sudoku the essentials of the game are the same. Expert Winter Sudoku is played on a nine by nine board. To win you must complete all the empty cells on the board with the numbers one through nine. Enter 1 through 9 in each column, each row, each 3x3 square on the sudoku board. Be careful that you enter the correct answer into the empty cell though, if you enter the wrong number onto the sudoku board time will be added to the sudoku clock. The fun thing about Expert Winter Sudoku is that players get to employ all kinds of exciting sudoku techniques to win this advance sudoku game. One of these techniques is called the X-Wing. The X-Wing rule is that there are only two cell possibilities for a number value in each of two separate rows. The two possible cells reside in the same columns and so the other candidates for the number value in the columns can be eradicated. Enjoy endless sudoku fun with Expert Winter Sudoku!