OK so maybe One Card Klondike Solitaire was a little too easy for you, and you're thinking that playing in the snow would be more stimulating. Rather than piling on the layers, consider adding another level of difficulty to your Solitaire game instead! The basic rules for this slightly-more-advanced version of Klondike are the same, but clicking on your draw pile will flip three cards up to help you instead of one. This puts a spin on the game because you can only use the outermost card in your game play. It may take several shuffles through this deck in order to be able to use all of the cards, so be patient! Create your foundations by uncovering all cards in the game and building them up in ascending order beginning with the Ace. Remember that these stacks must be of the same suit, but that your runs in the tableau should be in alternating colors and in descending order.