Go on a diet with Santa and put down that cookie! Pick up Sudoku Medium Christmas! Sudoku Medium Christmas picks up the sudoku pace and is more challenging than Sudoku Easy Christmas. While Sudoku Medium Christmas employs the same puzzle solving techniques as other Christmas Sudoku games it is different in that you will not find the same surplus of sudoku answers as you do in the easier version of the free online sudoku game. Win this fun Christmas Sudoku game with simple logic. The rules are basic, fill each space within the sudoku board that does not already contain a number with the numbers one through nine. The puzzle element of this game comes in to play in that in each row, column, and 3x3 square you can only enter these numbers once. We know that you are excited as a kid on christmas morning to place a number on the sudoku board but be certain that you have the correct answer first. Time will be added to your sudoku score if you choose the wrong number! With hundreds of sudoku games available you can play Sudoku Medium Christmas all holiday long! Do you have a long car trip to visit the relatives this Christmas? Well, not to worry! 24/7 Games are mobile as well so that you can enjoy our strategy games everywhere, even the North Pole! To put the star on top of the tree, mobile sudoku games offer free sudoku as well!