We created SnapTouch with handy features we wanted to use on a daily basis with our photo archive. Navigate your photos easily. SnapTouch's smart import feature takes the photos from your camera or memory stick, renames them based on the date they were taken and saves them to folders created for each month. With SnapTouch, your photo archive will always be organized! Improve the quality of your photos. SnapTouch can crop photos without losing quality, but that's not all! The software can also improve your photos' quality by framing them to remove extraneous details, get rid of white lines when printing and emphasize the most important elements of each photo. With SnapTouch, your photos will always make a great impression! Save your memories. SnapTouch helps you preserve your favorite memories with a handy date stamp and commentary feature. It's easy to date stamp your photos so you always remember when they were taken, and it's just as easy to add text commentary for richer detail. With SnapTouch, you'll never forget when or where your photos were taken! These are just some of the SnapTouch features that photographers love to use every day. Learn how to use them in our video tutorials: www.snaptouch.com/tutorial/ What else can SnapTouch do? How about: remove red-eye, flip and mirror photos, rename files, and adjust the brightness, contrast and color intensity of your photos - and much more! Don't wait! Download the free demo version of SnapTouch and start organizing and improving your photos today!