Did your PSD files corrupt due to power failure, download error or some other issues? The answer of this question is "Yes". It is possible to repair corrupted/damaged PSD and PDD files as well. Repair PSD File software can also repair RLE (Run-Length Encoding) compressed PSD file. This software restores all PSD and PDD files created by all versions of Adobe Photoshop like CS1, CS2, CS3, CS4, CS5 and CS6.This tool helps to fix PSD files with its different color modes such as Bitmap, gray-scale, indexed color, RGB color, CMYK color, multichannel color and so on. Repair PSD is such a powerful repair tool which supports all versions of Windows operating system and Windows 8 as well. This software has ability to scan in-depth of broken/corrupted Photoshop files by using some advanced techniques. This powerful tool also capability to handle large amount of PSD and PDD image files. Here are the couple of scenarios to corrupt/damage the PSD file such as PSD file is inaccessible due to virus affected. Repair PSD File software can repair broken/corrupted PSD files affected by virus. In such cases damaged PSD files can be retrieved by using Repair PSD File tool. And other situations like the PSD file may be corrupted due to OS crash, PSD file corrupted/damaged when computer turn off abruptly, error may occur while downloading PSD image, network issues and so on. Repair PSD File is a powerful tool by using which all the above mentioned scenarios can be repaired. If you would like to try the REPAIR PSD FILE software, then just use our demo version and then after satisfying go for the full version. While repairing your PST file if you faced any kind of issues then just kindly contact to our 24*7 customer support service, this team will happy to answer your issues .