Most complete family protection software that includes Parental Control, Social Network and Computer Monitoring in a single powerfully easy suite. Protect from unsafe content: Control web sites visited and web searches performed. Filter harmful content from search results and block content containing illegal drugs, pornography, gambling, online predators, strangers, cyberbullying, suicide, sexting, profanity (and much more). Monitor Social Networks: Establish parental monitoring of all social activities from 15 major social networks for suspicious contacts and behavior. Control Messenger chats: Analyze chats in all the major instant messengers, including Skype, Hangouts and more. Monitor E-mail correspondence: Control correspondence from Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL, and Hotmail accounts Control photos and videos browsed: View in a single, easy to use gallery all of the photos and videos browsed and uploaded to social networks and YouTube People centric control: Group and monitor communications with contacts from Social Networks, IMs, and E-mail by contact person to identify roots of the problem Manage computing time: See and control what the computer is being used for - education, work, or entertainment Web-based and mobile: Get real-time control and manage protection settings from any Internet-enabled device: PC, iPad or other Tablet, and smartphone True "Stealth" mode: Unlike any other parental control software, Amustware Family Safeguard is installed as a set of totally invisible plugins and works completely unseen to those whom you protect All people at a glance: Unlike any other software, Amustware Family Safeguard binds all the conversations that occur in social networks, IMs, and e-mail to a contact person. Thus, you have a complete conversation history with any particular person regardless of the communication source