Infrastructure Inventory Managing your IT infrastructure inventory - hardware, software, and network is not easy task. You had to know what hardware are installed, what licenses you need for your PCs, etc. This task can be completed easily with Faciliton - one application to making your infrastructure inventory in minutes. Software inventory Quickly find out what software are installed on your company PCs. Check for licensing issues, track list of software changes over the time. You can complete full software inventory in minutes. Hardware and Network inventory With Faciliton you can quickly get a full list of computers in your network with full details about each PC. You can track hardware changes over the time, make beautiful reports, apply filters, search for hardware, etc. You can complete your hardware inventory in minutes even without physical access to all boxes. License compliance Find licensing issues over your network PCs and servers. Identify missing licenses and resolve issues. You can monitor changes over time and plan your licensing for future. Compliance reporting You can make fast reports about your hardware compliance. Create filters, sort items out by parameters, make reports and share them. You will always be aware about your PC compliance.