HTML5 is becoming more and more popular today and many people pay much more attention on it. Then what's his magic? Compare with the current HTML4.01 and XHTML 1.0, it is network standard which can realize stronger performance of page function, call local resources fully and realize the functional effect that is as good as App. Compared with the "heavy" app, HTML5 which is based on web application development costs low and maintenance cost is very low as well. Since it has unified network standards, cross-platform running is to become one of its most important characteristic. It also means the one time to develop and run on all-platform applications. If Google Glass also supports HTML 5, then the application can also run on Google Glass, but also can be adaptive to the small screen that the app can't do. In some case it can solve the fragmentation problem of application. Then PDF to FlipBook Software HTML5 also can view on the device which supports HTML5. On one hand, it just takes you four steps to convert PDF to flipbook with ease; on the other hand, there are diverse function options for you to customize the flip book such as templates options, feature settings and output format options. With PDF to FlipBook Software HTML5, the flash book not only can drive more attention from your readers or viewers but also it is a good way to relax and have a different reading experience.