Simple-to-use file sync and backup software, it can archive many versions backed up copies for different time frame. It's built to simplify as well as automate the tedious works of modern people who constantly experience manual perform of copying files to and from among their personal as well as network directories. Procedure of file sync allows to link two units in any spot and to be able to access files, to modify files and even directories also to keep all these changes. The reason do you require harmonize directories? At the office most users of personal computers are connected by simply local network as well as use the common files. If you disconnect your own personal working computer the person of various other computer may make changes in documents. Therefore if you switch on your computer and connect to the local network you have to create directory synchronize. Major features: - Compare files and also folders and synchronize these. - Network support. - File and directory duplication. - Automated data file backup.