Device Monitoring Studio Server is a software solution which allows you to view, log and analyze USB and Serial Port connections data of any remote computer. Monitor, record, store and play back data from Serial and USB devices connected to a remote computer on your local PC using LAN or Internet. This product extends the capabilities of Device Monitoring Studio with remote monitoring function. Once installed, Server runs unattended and services incoming connections from Device Monitoring Studio clients. Clients may enumerate server's serial and USB devices and initiate start remote monitoring sessions. Device Monitoring Studio Server is extremely easy to deploy in local networks, such as workspaces, domains or home groups. It provides centralized administrative control through the Microsoft Management Console Snap-In, Windows PowerShell or Automation-compatible API. Configurable auto-discovery option lets clients quickly locate servers running on the local network, while ACL-based security allows for fine-grained access control for users, groups or domain groups.