It is very easy to jailbreak all the iOS 8.2 beta versions using Pangu8 8.2 beta tool. If anyone wants to test this tool, first it needs to install iOS 8.2 beta version into the iDevice. How ever, it is impossible to upgrade iOS 8.2 beta versions using iTunes or over OTA. It has two way to complete. Every developer can do it using UDiD registration or Apple's developer account. How ever, these are not free accounts. But, those are easy to complete just like following. If you want to upgrade iOS 8.2 beta version using Apple ID, please use registration instruction of developer f It asks $99 per year. Then gives ID to sign users. When log into it, developers can install any iOS 8.2 beta versions. It is possible to use this account any time, if wants to upgrade any beta versions (Not only for iOS 8.2 beta versions) Otherwise, you can use UDiD registration account. It only asks nearly $3. You have to follow to become a user of it. They give serial number. Then it is very easy to install iOS 8.2 beta version using this. First, it asks to connect your device with the PC or Mac. Then run iTunes. Then go to the Device --> summary tab. Then place the serial number, which you get from UDiD registration. When the serial number is correct, you can go head choosing payment processor with clicking Ctrl+V for PC users or Command+V for Mac users. It is enough becoming a user, even one account from these two. choice is up to you. Finally, you can use Pangu8 8.2 beta JB version to jailbreak it.