La Belle Lucie is a pile based solitaire card game similar to Cruel Solitaire or Shamrocks Solitaire. The player is dealt 17 piles of 3 cards and one pile with 1 card in it. The player builds down the piles by suit while trying to build up the four suit piles on the left. In any given game, the player is allowed to shuffle the cards still in play up to 3 times. If you're not familiar with La Belle Lucie, the game begins with 18 piles. 17 of those piles have 3 cards in them, and one pile has one. There are 4 suit piles on the right, that you are trying to build up from Ace to King by suit. You can build down all the other piles by suit. Having a lot of piles helps, but if you remove all the cards from a piles it is gone, and you can't start it over again (though it might come back when you shuffle). This game would be almost impossible, if you where not allowed to shuffle all the cards that are not in the suit piles up to 3 times in any game. Wait to use the shuffles until you need them.