Multiple Files Printer and Scheduler is multiple file printing tool is developed for solving the purpose of batch file printing and scheduling. Multiple file printer is state of the art invented with the use of better technology that helps to schedule printing tasks according to requirement of the organization. This tool provides large number of functions and features for printing and scheduling the files. The noticeable feature of this advance tool is that it provided batch file printing. This feature allows to add multiple filed in single batch. In organization multiple request comes from multiple system and batch file printing plays important role at that time. It simplifies the work of printing task in every organizations. This Printing and scheduling tool will schedule the multiple request coming from multiple systems. The greatest feature of this tool is that this can handle various formatted files like: doc, docx, asp, html, xls, xlsx, ppt, pdf, pptx, rtf, txt etc. Also this tool is totally capable for printing the images. It can handle batch printing of various formats like jpg, bmp, exif, eml, psd, png, gif, tiff etc. Another quality of feature of this scheduler is that it enables you to schedule the printing tasks in present and future date and time. This tool provides automation and scheduling the printing task by using the feature of directory watcher. This feature saves time and provide reliability and smoothness to the printing process. This tool can work on various Windows platforms which include XP, Vista, 7 and 8. Moreover it requires DotNet (.NET) Framework 2.0.