eAssistance Pro is a web based chat tool and available in two types of operator consoles i.e. Web based operator console and Standalone operator console. In fact, you could easily integrate eAssistance Pro with any website. You just got to copy a block of HTML code and paste it into your website source code. You can access Web based operator console using any web browser like Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Safari and Google Chrome. Standalone Operator console is equipped with advanced chat features and must be installed on a system used by the operator. The software performs visitor monitoring with the help of which the operator can track visitor details such as navigation history, country, browser, pages visited, etc. Also, it is embedded with geo-mapping feature with the help of which the user can track the geographical location of the visitor, his IP address, postal code, region, etc. It also allows changing the font size, color and style of chat messages between the operator and visitor. It helps operators in sending accurate reply to visitor?s queries with automatic spell checker and built in welcome messages. The software provides you with an ideal solution to chat with multiple visitors and at the same time enjoy the flexibly to interact with your possible customers anywhere. Also the software supports multiple languages so as to provide support to users of different countries. The software is also available in trial version and one can use it for a limited period of 15 days. In fact, the trial version just permits you to add only single operator and department of your organization in the operator console. Therefore, purchase the complete version of software to add multiple operators and departments in the operator console. For more details: www.livesupportsoftware.org