ABTO Software presents abtoVNC Viewer SDK for Android - the unique tool that enables user to create the software which allows to control the remote computer from mobile phone or tablet device via network or internet. ABTO's Android VNC-based remote desktop SDK provides the connection from the Android devices. Regardless of location a user can rapidly reach all the important data at distant computer. You can easily work with documents and applications on your PC. abtoVNC Android Viewer built with SDK is a great portable solution allowing to improve all your business workflow. AbtoVNC Viewer for Android which is created with this SDK has an opportunity to save and remove connections, send text and keys combinations. It provides a high level of security and ensures connection with the remote PC, utilizes Repeater for the VNC session. Main advantages of abtoVNC Viewer for Android: Possibility to change VNC canvas color mode Alter the touch mode 4 available canvas option: Multitouch, Canvas, Freeze, Mouse. It has a really user-friendly interface that allows user start the work immediately. The main features of ABTO's VNC viewer for Android: Remote access Configurable server list and saving connections Configurable screen color mode (2, 4, 8, 64, 256 colors or 24 bit color) Possibility to send text and key combinations Comfortable text entry Easy access to common modifier and non-character keys Screen zoom and pan Three-button mouse emulation with dragging support Blazing fast and responsive ?