Many business enterprises offer customer support services through instant messaging or Live chats. eAssistance Pro cater specific chat needs of companies. It involves three users in the live chat process i.e., Admin, Operator and Visitor. Admin or Website Administrator can monitor live conversation between an operator and visitor. Web administrator can also track visitor?s activities on the company website. Website Chat software offer Web operator console for anywhere access. It also includes Standalone operator console that must be installed on some or all computers being used by web operators. eAssistance Pro provide six types of HTML codes or plugins for visitor chats or monitoring. Visitor can open the visitor messenger by clicking on chat plugin of a business website and send message to operator. Website chat software also notifies operator about incoming chat messages while she/he is busy in other chat session. It also saves visitor messages in the operator account when operator is not available in the chat room. eAssistance Pro can be used on different CMS and eCommerce websites such as Joomla, Big commerce, Shopify, Ebay and many more. It can be used on different devices i.e., Windows, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Macintosh. Website chat software provide several innovative features such as Automatic spell checker and Word dictionary, Geo mapping, customized welcome messages and security filtering. eAssistance Pro now also allow changing font size, color and style of the live chat messages. It also allows operator to resize operator to operator console and access details about other operators. You need to buy specific subscription plan to add one or more operators of your organization for live chat sessions. For more details: