Lepide Exchange reporter software analyzes Exchange server database and transactional log files. It helps in generation of different Exchange mailbox reports. Lepide Exchange reporter software is now empowered with advanced features that help Exchange server Administrators to effectively avoid security breach, violation of email standards and other issues on the Exchange Server. Being the best Exchange reporter software, it works from the central location of the Exchange Server. In fact, it collects information of Exchange server email system from the transaction log files, analyzes the data and then generates over 50 types of pre-defined reports on email inflow, mailbox size, Outlook Web access features. With the help of this proficient tool, administrators can evaluate the future emailing requirements and concurrently improve Exchange server capacities. Lepide Exchange reporter is much capable of tracking email system on the multiple Exchange servers. Also, it generates Exchange mailbox report in both graphical and tabular formats. The tool also has the ability to filter Exchange mailbox reports on the basis of user, date, subject or mailbox size. It helps user in generating reports in different formats such as HTML, XLS, RTF, CSV, MHT. Lepide Exchange Reporter successfully monitors the email traffic on the server on hourly, daily or weekly basis. The updated version of Lepide Exchange Reporter is now added with dashboard feature that offers a quick overview of usage and infrastructure of organizational email system. ?Change Server? option helps you to quickly change or select needed Exchange Server in order to view different reports and details. Lepide Exchange reporter software is now available for free download and is fully functional for the 45 days period after first installation. For more details: www.exchangeserverreporting.com