Much of the employee?s time is gone in unproductive work if anyone is not keeping an eye on him. And with internet facility, the modes of employee distraction have increased even more. They are often seen chatting, reading eBooks, shopping, playing online games and visiting social networking sites during working hours. It is really very annoying as such activities directly affect the overall performance of the employee. Now, it is very easy to keep continuous monitoring of your employees by using employee desktop live viewer tool. Employee Desktop Live Viewer allows administrators and managers to view and record employee desktop activities proficiently from a remote location. The administrator can remotely register and install the agent on the desktop that are needed to be monitored. Just after completing the installation of tool agent on system, all ongoing activities on particular desktops can be easily monitored. Furthermore, all desktop activities can be recorded and saved as .AVI files by scheduling online recording. All the registered desktops can also be managed remotely by administrator with various controlling options like restart, shutdown, remove wallpaper, log off and start screensaver. To analyze the Computer Desktop Monitoring Software before purchase, you can download the free trial version of the tool which is functional for a period of 7 days on a single computer. If you feel satisfied with the evaluation version then purchase the licensed copy and monitor all employee desktops simultaneously. Now, it also supports Windows 8 OS. For more details: