eAssistance Pro allows live chat process on a website. It offers two consoles for site operators i.e., standalone and Web based. Standalone operator console works only on Windows systems and carries sophisticated chat and other features. Web operator console can be accessed even on non-Windows platforms such as Android, Blackberry and Apple Macintosh. eAssistance Pro support small devices such as mobiles, tablets and ipads. It offer several web chat plugins for individuals visiting a specific website. Website chat software allows simultaneous running of several live conversations on a website. It can be easily integrated as add-on on eCommerce and CMS sites such as Joomla, Big Commerce, eBay, Shopify and Sales Force. eAssistance Pro can also track visitor?s location and geographical time with geo mapping feature. Website chat software carry sophisticated features such as online dictionary and spell checker, welcome messages and customized images for the chat plugin. It ensures complete privacy of live chats on the website with 256-bit encrypted security layer. eAssistance Pro also also notifies site operator about incoming messages of visitors. It also save visitor messages in the log file when operator is away from the live chat room or offline. Web site chat software allows both visitors and operators to change font size, color and style of live chats. It also empowers site administrator to block specific IP address or computers from live chat process. eAssistance Pro allows web operator to chat with other operators of the same organization. It also promotes new products and services of a company with proactive chatting. Website chat software let business organizations to know about visitors traffic of their websites. for more information visit www.websitechatsoftware.livehelptool.com